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Sector Standard pages

Sector supports a variety of Information Architecture principles - one is to organise your content hierarchically. Hierarchical content is stored in pages. The pages are organised in a menu tree. 

This sample page is a node of the content type Page added in Level 2 under Section A in the main menu. It is displayed using the Standard page Page variant

Most hierarchical pages in your Sector site will use the Standard page variant and menus.  

The concept works well with:

  • linear content structure and user movements (book like content, A to B to C)
  • “layered” information architecture (information about information in promotional or introductory top layers).

Known limitations:

  • Scalability - a menu hierarchy fails if there are too many items per level, or if the weight between branches is unbalanced.
  • Hierarchical content assumes the principal of “one page, one position”. This often does not work in web context. But if the principle is broken, context is lost.

{Sample content}

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środa, 25 Maj 2016