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poniedziałek, 1 Sierpień 2016

Regular news keeps your site alive. Most website content strategies emphasise the need to publish news and updates regularly and to share new content across all channels.  

This sample page is a node of the content type News.

Break up long news stories with subheadings. But remember that subheadings add to the text, they’re not part of it: the text should still make sense with the subheadings removed.

How to write effective body copy:

  • the first paragraph should lead on from the summary paragraph, not repeat the information
  • use the ‘inverted pyramid’ approach with the most important information at the top tapering down to lesser detail
  • paragraphs should have no more than 5 sentences each
  • ensure copy includes keywords to boost natural search rankings
  • use video and images

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piątek, 3 Czerwiec 2016